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How to get your home sold

The way you live in your home is NOT the way to sell it!
"Have nothing in your house that you do not believe to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." 
William Morris
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Be committed to selling.  This is not the time to "test the waters."

Patience is a virtue.  Your agent should give you some idea of "days on market" and prepare you for how long it will take to sell your home.  If you need to sell more quickly, you must price it much more competitively.

PRICE YOUR HOME RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. Buyers are shopping VALUE.  You typically only get one shot at a buyer.  KNOW YOUR COMPETITION and keep abreast of market conditions.
Top 6 MUST DO:  Clean and declutter/let the light in and clean windows/check your landscaping/repair obvious electrical/plumbing issues/shampoo carpets/stage-rearranging of furniture and accessorizing!
Make sure your home is at its best; spotless, orderly, uncluttered.  Buyers are looking for reasons NOT to buy your home.  If you can’t make needed improvements, price the house accordingly.  If there are few initial showings on your home, be prepared to DROP the price immediately.

Check the curb appeal—-landscaping, front door, and any visible problems on the outside of home should be addressed to get buyers to want to see the INSIDE. 

Hire an agent that can stage your home to make the home more appealing; saves money over price reductions.  I include this service in the sale of your home.

Do a pre-sale inspection on the home and share the inspection with potential buyers; that will give them more confidence in making an offer on your house.  Plus, this reduces after inspection re-negotiations on price; or put a cap on your expenses for any house inspections issues when you accept less.

If your home is competing with new construction, note what your resale home includes that new construction will not include, and the tax savings vs. new home construction assessments.

Have a brochure box or a phone number.  Buyers want instant information on your home.   

Make sure your home is as accessible as possible for showings.  Try not to limit showing times.

Get the word out to neighbors –invite them to an open house.  Neighbors often know someone that would like to move into the neighborhood, and they like to pick their new neighbors!

Sell the features of your area--have a neighborhood booklet with the things you like best about the neighborhood– shopping, schools, restaurants.

Hold lots of open houses/broker open houses to make it easy for buyers and agents to see your home.  In a market where buyers are hesitating, they are not typically going to call an agent to see a property.  Open houses allow your home to be much more accessible.

Be sure to offer buyer agents reasonable sales commissions for your area.

Offer to pay a buy-down on the buyer’s loan interest rate; make your settlement date flexible; offer seller financing; consider an offer with a home sale contingency, if the buyer's home is saleable.

Do not skimp on the marketing of the home - 80+% of buyers are shopping online-it must be showcased on Realtor.com, on multiple websites, in local newspapers, as a featured home article, with  several directional signs.  You never know where the buyer will come from.  Change ad copy /photos every 4 weeks.

Remove yourself and PETS for all showings.  Buyers need to experience your home without interruption.

Listen to feedback from showings.  If several buyers give you the same feedback, you must act.

Your first offer may be your best offer.  Consider it carefully.

Remember, selling a home takes teamwork...you and your agent need to work together to get a home SOLD!
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