Elise Greenberg

Your Neighborhood Realtor

Homeowner Association Fees-are they worth it?


Often, buyers ask me if homeowner's assocation fees are "worth it."

Consider that the fees may pay for the following depending on the community:

  • Landscaping-common grounds lawn cutting; can also include mulching, pruning, fertilizing, tree and shrub replacement, spring and fall cleanup
  • Trash removal
  • Snow removal
  • Common drive maintenance/sealing and replacement (all roads within the community are usually private)
  • Any amenities (pool, clubhouse, playyards, tennis, etc. where applicable)
  • In some cases, home exteriors (eg. roofs)
  • Common ground utilities
  • Common ground insurance
  • Management fee
  • Reserve funds

Compare homes with and without fees and see if you notice a difference in the way homes are kept. 

In a Homeowner's Association, homes are often inspected annually (or more often) to make sure they are in compliance. 

A good looking neighborhood brings higher resale prices and gives you peace of mind that you don't have to worry about caring for many of these items.

Is is worth it?  I think so!